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Red Mulch

Beautiful deep crimson colored virgin hardwood

 mulch that adds contrast to your landscaping.

Single Ground Mulch in Berks and Schuylkill county

Best Mulch in Berks or Schuylkill

Nature Mulch

Nature mulch is exactly what it sounds like, a whole tree including branches and leaves ground up to make a natural brown colored mulch. Every thing but the kitchen sink!

Rubber Mulch

100% recycled rubber makes for an eco friendly option. Can be used in flower beds and playgrounds a like. Providing insulation to plants as well as a softer landing for kids!

Once Ground

Fine and course textures makes this once ground mulch a stable and durable hardwood bark mulch. Maintains a lighter brown color for a lasting impression.

Double Ground Mulch in Berks and Schuylkill county
Dyed Red Mulch in Berks and Schuykill county

Black Mulch

Dark, rich black virgin hardwood mulch gives your landscaping an elegant look. A light fluffing of the top layer is recommended once a year to keep your beds looking fresh.

Mulch Bernville, Kutztown, Lenhartsville, Leesport, Blandon
Dyed Black Mulch

Playground Mulch

Coarsely shredded, light brown naturally colored, soft bark mulch that helps maintain a safe environment in your playground area.

Playground Mulch in Berks and Schuylkill County

Brown Mulch

Chocolate colored virgin hardwood mulch that gives a natural look to your landscape but also maintains its color throughout the year.

Rubber Mulch in Berks county
Dyed Brown Mulch in berks and schuylkill county

A.R.Adam & Son provides you with the best mulch available in Berks or Schuykill county.  Our premium mulch is a virgin hardwood mulch that comes straight from the forest.  The saw mill recycles their waste into mulch so the entire tree is put to use.

Double Ground

Fine textured, virgin hardwood bark mulch that keeps a natural warm dark brown color all year long.

Natural Mulch in Berks and Schuylkill county