Topsoil Berks County Topsoil Schuylkill County
fresh mushroom soil in berks and schuylkill county

Enriched Topsoil

Our own specially prepared fine grade enriched topsoil is a blend of soil and compost for enrichment and screened to keep the soil loose. The outcome is a soil that doesn't need to be worked; just spread it on!

Berks' County Topsoil for growing the greenest grass.

Quiot Pit Clay in Berks and Schuylkill County
aged mushroom soil in berks and schuylkill county


A fine grained, fertile, mineral rich, natural, not  permeable, form soil used as a natural seal.

Also perfect clay for your backyard quiot pit!

Berks and Schuylkill County Best Screened Topsoil
Berks and Schuylkill County best unscreened topsoil

Aged Mushroom

Seasoned mushroom soil meaning less odorous and a lighter, fluffier soil but also a powerful fertilizer.

A.R.Adam & Son provides you with the premier enriched topsoil available in Berks or Schuykill counties.  Our topsoil is mixed with compost and screened for the perfect soil to grow plants or grass.

See our other soil offerings below.

Fresh Mushroom

Straight from local mushroom houses this weed free, raw composted material is  used as a mulch or soil conditioner.  Great for agriculture production.

Topsoil & Compost

Raw Topsoil

Highly concentrated organic matter that is taken from the outermost layer of earth. This topsoil is NOT screened and may contain rocks, sticks and larger pieces of organic ground.

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